Business and Life

Do you know how much time is spent daily in the workplace? Approximately 8.5 hours. Some people spend, of course, more or less than 8.5 hours. Anyway, this is a lot of time!

As anyone else you may face a problem in the workplace. Problems can be quite different, and you need to look for solutions. For example, if you are a new employee, you may face some unexpected problems in the new workplace. If you are a team leader, your team members can face problems …

I devoted a part of my blog to “Your Life and Business” stories, a series of articles about a “virtual company”. Where you find thought-provoking stories that help you solve your problems. Just like the main characters of the series: Ron (senior manager), John (team leader), Ruth (John’s deputy), Emily (John’s assistant), Sam, Peter, and Mike (team members), Helen (HR manager).

Read this this blog post about possible problems a boss may face when s(he) welcomes a new employee.   

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