Climate Change in Your English Vocabulary

The English language newsletter No.4, Your English Vocabulary, is out. This time it is devoted to one of the most important topics...
climate change. I think it's important not only to learn English vocabulary related to this topic but also to follow the current envents, for example, hurricanes in the USA. My clients like to talk about things that are happening now.

Anyway, the current newsletter offers the variety of activities, as well as several texts and, of course, exciting conversations with clients-subscribers.

As one of my English clients/learners says: "Learning English based on real events helps me to understand and learn English easier". 
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What does climate change mean to you?


  1. Climate change in the USA has become a huge political debate . While most Americans acknowledge that it exist the debate is who causes it . The business regulations have forced many companies to complain that they are unfair and are over regulated raising the fist of business to the point they can not compete globally .

    1. Dave, thanks a lot for your comment. Indeed, climate has also become a particularly important topic in Europe. Including this and other topics that are currently being discussed helps my clients learn English better.