How to Welcome a New Employee

A team leader delegates welcoming activities and faces problems. Read about how to find solutions ...
It was 08h30. Sam, Emily, John, and Peter were in the office. It was just an ordinary Monday morning but something was different. John was waiting for Mike, the new employee, that had been hired due to Helen’s courageous engagement.

It was Mike’s first working day and John wanted to make it great because he knew that an employee’s first day on the job could be stressful. He looked quickly through the welcome activities plan. “Well, a comfortable working place, computer, Sam will do …, lunch…,” John murmured.

Suddenly the door opened and Helen walked into the office: “Good morning, everybody!” She was not alone – a handsome man followed her. It was Mike. Helen introduced him to the team. John was the first who welcomed the new employee. “Hey, welcome,” Peter muttered and thought “he should be a nice coworker.” Emily gave Mike an up-down-over look as if she was going to say “It’s impossible not to like you - such a charming smile and soft voice.” Then she looked at Sam whose face expressed a big surprise. “He expected to see an old grey-haired person with a walking stick,” Emily thought, smiling at Sam but said nothing. After the short introduction ceremony John showed Mike his working place and gave some instructions adding that Sam would offer further assistance because he had an urgent meeting.

John left and Sam began playing the role of a boss: “This is a full email directory. This is a company phone list. This is our organization chart…This is your user ID password …” Sam provided some running comments on who was who and wished the new colleague a good start.

Mike was glad that his work place was comfortable and fully set up for him – at least he thought so. He looked through the information Sam had given to him, then he went with Emily and Peter to the coffee vending machine, and spent some time chatting with them there. Time was passing quickly.

When Mike returned to the office he tried to turn on his computer but the power indicator didn’t light up at all. He tried to turn the computer on again and again but without any success. He looked at Sam for help but in vain – Sam was nonstop on the phone. At last he finished and told Mike he had to run.
“Emily, could you accompany me to lunch, please? Just want to feel secure in the new environment …,” Mike asked Emily. She nodded looking at her watch: “My god, it’s time for lunch. Is all fine, Mike?” The new employee explained that his computer seemed to be out of order and Emily immediately called IT support. “Don’t worry, they promised to come as soon as possible. We sometimes have computer problems,“ she tried to encourage her colleague.

It was 16h00 when John returned to the office: “Hey, I am back. Sorry, it was a long meeting. Where are Sam and Peter? I hope everything is fine here.” Emily explained to the boss that she had called the IT support and they check Mike’s computer. “Hmm.. It’s strange. Sam told me all was fine yesterday. How was your first working day, Mike?” John said. Mike thanked him and Emily for the warm welcome and added: “I think it’s going to be a great place to work.”
John smiled but remembers the words “An employee's motivation is a direct result of the sum of interactions with his or her manager”, and thought it wasn’t a great idea to delegate welcoming activities. 

Do you agree with Jon? 
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