Mistakes a New Boss Should Avoid

Things you need to know before you have a meeting with your new boss. Also things a new boss should know before a meeting with a team...

John, the team leader is on holiday. He has his own problems there. Ron, John’s boss, is a newcomer in the company. He has a very important meeting with John’s team…

Story 2:

Ron knew that starting a new job is considered to be one of the most stressful life events. He started as a senior manager two days before John went on holiday. Being John’s boss, Ron wanted to build a relationship with John’s team as quickly as possible.

It was Thursday morning. John was still on holiday. Ron was sorting out in his office when he suddenly came across a brochure that he had received the day before. It was about personal assessment which promised to help a company to create an inspired culture and find out more about employees and their needs and motivation. “That’s it!” Ron exclaimed. He was ready to act decisively.

Some ten minutes later he entered the office where John’s team was working. “Hi guys, I am glad to see you. Sorry, I did not have time to introduce myself before. Anyway, I am Ron, John’s boss, and I’d like to learn more about you. Have a look at this brochure, please,” Ron said. “It’s about personal assessment. It would be great if you could answer some questions. It’ll take you less than 30 minutes to fill in the questionnaire. What do you think?”

Emily, twenty-seven, was John’s personal assistant. She looked at Ron with empathy but said nothing because she was working on a power point presentation for her boss. She did not want to interrupt her work. “Nice, though a bit arrogant,” she thought about Ron.
Peter, forty-eight, with straight short hair, was busy copying something in the corner. He was surprised. “What do you want? What kind of personal assessment?” Peter wanted to say. But he did not.
Sam, forty, was ready to pay lip service to Ron. “It’s nice to meet you, Ron. I think your idea is great,” Sam said.
Ruth, a good looking woman of thirty-five, was John’s deputy. She was the only one who had met Ron before. “Oh, I can’t believe my eyes. This is Ron,” she thought. “He is handsome but still pushy.” She smiled at Ron – her smile was irresistible – and continued her work.
There was an awkward pause and Ron felt that he had to leave the office. “Ruth, I am very glad to see you here. I’d like to talk to you. Please come to my office when you have time,” he said and went out.

Ruth took the brochure form the desk where Ron had left it. She started reading it aloud: “Hmm…We are measuring dimensions of behavior… Hmmm … They are: how you respond to problems and challenges, how you…Hmm …,” she stopped reading and asked her colleagues: “What do you think?” Emily gave a nervous smile. “Don’t blame the boss. He always has problems … I’ve read that face-to-face communication is always more effective than any written assessment,” she said. Peter shrugged his shoulders. Sam looked at Ruth. Ruth seemed very confident and calm. She realized she was the boss at that point of time.

It seems Ron’s questionnaire is a matter of the debate.

What do you think about Ron’s decision?

What do you think what Ruth is going to do?

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