Improve Your English: Invitation for a Drink

It was some time ago when I received an invitation that is written in two languages: German and English. English translation puzzled me. Why?

The German part of the invitation – “einladen zu einem Imbiss” - invites you to a kind of aperitif with small bites.

The English part of the same invitation – “invite to a drink” – invites you … hmm… just for a drink....

In English “a drink” would be just a drink without any food. Additionally, you should also write “invite for a drink” as it’s a bit more usual.

It’s amazing how guests could interpret this invitation.

Guests who understand German would expect drinks and food. Poor guests who don’t understand German would think they are invited for a drink!

How to avoid misunderstanding?

Well, let’s correct the English text of the invitation.

My suggestion: “einladen zu einem Imbiss” = “invite to drinks and nibbles“.

Would does “invite for a drink” mean to you?
How would you translate “einladen zu einem Imbiss”? 
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