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Do you know that English is one of the most spoken languages in the world?

English has become the dominant business language and for this reason millions of people have to learn it if they want to succeed. Learning English can be time consuming but when you see how many opportunities it creates, you will understand how valuable is to learn this language.

My blog is written in English.  You find the articles like Howto Respond to Team in Crisis or How to Strengthen and Keep Motivation. I am sure that reading my blog articles helps you enhance your English vocabulary and learn words and phrases in sentences. I have growing audience of English learners who use my blog to support their learning process.

Since 2016 I’ve introduced In a Word, a new series focused on the English language (vocabulary and grammar) on my blog. You find examples that show you how words are used in sentences. It’s possible that you know some of the words but you also learn new things e.g. origins of words. This information should make even native speakers curious about the language they speak.

Just two examples:
1. Do you know what em means in printing? This is a unit equal to one sixth of an inch. Did you know that?
2. Do you know when to use invite and invitation?

I am always happy to share with you current information about my two ongoing projects, English newsletters, – Your English Vocabulary and In Season Cooking. These are the current newsletters that I am writing (the newsletters that you find on my website are in archive).
My English learners love reading the current newsletters. This is what they say:
“Your English Vocabulary is very helpful. Its grammar and vocabulary activities help me to improve my speaking skills.”
“I like the reading section of Your English Vocabulary. This is a very easy way to learn new words.”
“In Season Cooking helps me to understand English better. I am learning a lot of new words.”

You find some current updates re the English newsletters on my blog because I want to make sure you don’t miss important information that might interest you.

Please visit my website that provides detailed information about the English courses I offer.

If you are interested in receiving my English newsletters, please learn more about subscription and contact me.

Hope you’ll post comments and share your ideas and wishes.

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