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Do you know how much time is spent daily in the workplace? Approximately 8.5 hours. Some people spend, of course, more or less than 8.5 hours. Anyway this is a lot time! For this reason I devote a huge part of Olga Henggi blog page to business.

As anyone else you may face a problem in the workplace. Sometimes it is rather easy to solve a problem and you don’t need any help. However, problems can be very different and you need to look for solutions. Will you ask for help? Will you look for some advice on the Internet?
Nowadays the Internet seems to overtake the role of a friend, colleague, or even consultant. For example, if you are a new employee, you may face some unexpected problems in the new workplace. I googled to see whether a new employee can find some advice online: more than 15mln links: 9 ways, 20 problems, 10 tips, 12 ways, 5 challenges and so on. But stop! Do you think that ready-made solutions can really help you? Just think…

I devoted this blog post to possible problems a boss may face when s(he) welcomes a new employee. As other blog stories, it is written in a form of a thought-provoking story that is focused on a variety of office problems. This is the way how I write my blog articles. They help you see a big picture and give you a chance to understand how someone else solves a problem that you also have. This is what I call thought-provoking process.   

"… your structured and concise thinking and the sure handed way you stimulate … thoughts, whilst opening thought processes that might otherwise have remained closed.” Keith Stevens, Great Britain (read more)

My business experience in different fields (banking, tourism/hospitality, art) helps me to write exciting blog articles that cover such topics as personal development, first impressions, leadership, company image, communication, work-life-balance, and, of course, English.

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Hope you’ll post comments and share your ideas and wishes.

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