How to Cook Like a Chef

Cooking like a chef can be a challenge.
Cooking like a chef is always great pleasure.
Cooking like Neeraj Mahani, Executive Chef at Don CeSar hotel in Florida, is…

a challenge and great pleasure.

In Season Cooking No.3 /2017 presents one of the healthy breakfast recipes shared by Neeraj Mahani, Executive Chef at Don CeSar hotel in Florida.

First of all, let me express great gratitude for time Neeraj found supporting my idea: thank you, Neeraj! 
In Season Cooking also presents a story connected with the dish and some useful tips for foodies. English learners find interesting and useful vocabulary that helps them to boost their knowledge of the English language.

Sounds interesting?

In Season Cooking No.3 /2017 is available only for its subscribers.

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Image courtesy of Don CeSar hotel, Florida, USA

What is your favorite breakfast dish?

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