Targeted English Writing – Now!

Need help with writing?
Do you have problems to get your thoughts in order before writing?
Do you panic which tense or modal verb to use in your writing?
Do you want to pass Cambridge exams?
Are you looking for a small group session, or a private session, or a corporate workshop?
If you have at least one “yes” answer, your help is here!

Tailor-made writing workshops help you to organize your thoughts, think and express yourself clearly, use proper grammar, remember basic grammar rules, choose the right words, and increase response to your written communication.

It doesn’t matter whether you a beginner or an advanced English learner, the workshop will be adapted to your needs and level.  

Spend 4 hours (2 workshops x 2 hours) at intensive English writing workshops on the topic of your choice and improve your English writing skills. Special hands-on exercises help your writing become more professional, friendly, and logical.

Choice of topics*:

  • Writing for the workplace: business and professional (emails, letters, memos, proposals, reports)
  • Writing for Cambridge exams preparation
  • Writing for blogs (how to launch, what and how to write for results)

*if you have any other concerns in writing, please contact us so that we can arrange a special writing workshop for you.

Focus on grammar:

Each workshop is also focused on grammar – everything you need to know about how to use grammar in writing

Choice of workshops:

  • Small group (max.3 people): 2 workshops x 2 hours – ideal for colleagues or friends. You can also come with your boss!
  • One-one-one: 2 workshops x 2 hours     
  • Corporate (group or one-on-one). We can tailor workshops to your specific needs  

How to enroll? Please contact us

What makes wrining in English difficult? What do you think?
Is there anything that makes your writing stressful? If yes, what is it?

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