Your English Vocabulary: How to Learn New Words

Your English Vocabulary No.1/2016 is out!
Do you know when to use the verbs send, send off, send on, and send out?

One of the recent newsletter’s activities helps you to understand the difference and learn how to use the mentioned above verbs.
You also learn English words in context, discover new English idioms, and do “fill-in gaps” exercises.

Your English vocabulary activities help learners to improve their language skills and be better in speaking and writing.

What do readers say about this newsletter?
“I could improve my speaking skills and knowledge about vocabulary. I like to learn origin of English words.”
“I learned a lot of collocations. This was the best way to improve my English”.
“The newsletter helps me to learn English – it’s a very attractive and easy way to improve my English skills.”
How to subscribe?
Subscription to 6 issues is available all year round! Gift subscription is also available.

Customers-subscribers have additional benefits.

Contact me if you have any questions or would like to have a subscription. 

How do you learn / teach English vocabulary?

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