Job Interview: How to Come, See, and Conquer

This example helps you to feel less nervous before a job interview. Learn more about how to be prepared for a job interview...

Kate is looking for a job. Yesterday she was invited to an interview. The interview will be tomorrow! Actually, one day is plenty of time to prepare, but Kate started getting nervous the next morning. Why?

Two previous interviews were not very successful: she could not answer some questions and was not confident enough. “This time it will be better. I’ll come, see, and conquer. Let’s prepare now,” thought Kate.

She looked critically at her black business suit. Kate hesitated as to whether or not she should wear a black one. She continued thinking: “Why not try a brown one? It looks friendlier and really quite lovely. Where are my brown shoes?” She found a pair of comfortable but recently repaired shoes. The combination of a brown business suit and brown shoes made her happy. Then she ran to her computer to find out as much information as possible about the company which had invited her.

An hour later Kate had a nice cup of coffee and asked herself: “What did I like and dislike about my last job? What things do I think I will like about my future job? What can I do for the company? What questions can I ask tomorrow?” She wrote down her answers, looked at them again, and added something.

The words she added were: Veni, vidi, vici. Then she smiled and started reading a book just to relax.

Good luck, Kate!

Has she done all she could? Will she come, see, and conquer tomorrow?

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