In Season Cooking: What to Cook this Summer

Do you know who served “Zurich raw food” lunches in 1930s in New York?
It wasn’t a Swiss chef, it was Helena Rubinstein.

She was inspired by her vegetable diet in Switzerland where she spent two months. She liked the idea of healthy eating and decided to realize it in the USA: “The restaurant at the Rubinstein salon on Fifth Avenue was adapted to offer “Zurich raw food” lunches, where dozens of fruits and vegetables were carved and shredded into works of art.”
By the way, light meals were also popularized by Elisabeth Arden in her MaineChance health spa bar.

I googled vegetables and salad and was surprised to find more than 12,800,000 results! It seems people are interested in light meals, for example, salads because they are easy to prepare at home and it’s great to add a personal touch such as different herbs or different kinds of dressing.    
A bowl of salad often belongs to a family lunch or dinner. Interestingly, the first lady Michelle Obama, who planted the Kitchen Garden in the White House in 2009, has recently shared the importance of eating as a family and even made salad with schoolchildren in Milan.  

What to cook this summer? Light meals. No doubt!
If you also like cooking light meals, try the recipes from the current June' issue of In Season Cooking. And don’t miss American scones in July’s issue.
PS  In Season Cooking is a newsletter written in English (12 issues a year). It’s about delicious healthy recipes, American and British recipes, and stories about food). It’s for foodies as well as for English learners. 

What is your favorite summer meal?

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