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Whether you need practical solutions to the problems you may face in the English language, business, and life or advice for improving your English skills – here you find useful ideas and suggestions. This blog is for everyone – general users, professionals, business people, English learners, English teachers, students. 

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How to use Olga Henggi blog?

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I regularly post on different topics including the English language, leadership, communication, first impression and image, company image, personal development, and work-life-balance: example

Posts about English vocabulary and grammar might be of interest to you as well.
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All posts including images are open to public and protected by copyright*.

I regularly write about current updates (new posts) on Twitter, company page Olga Henggi on Linkedin, and on XING.  

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Click on the image (Creative art blog: Cards At Art). The new blog is devoted to greeting cards and stickers which have become part of my business. Hope you enjoy following my new blog.

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Please notice that Olga Henggi Blog – articles and images – is protected by copyright that you must observe and respect.

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As you know people spend a lot of time in the workplace.
You can find business/work but also life-related topics on my blog. Just search for the topic you are interested in to find solutions to the problems you can face in business/work or life.

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You find very detailed information about English topics in English Center. Explore it right now!

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