How to Improve your English and Feel Great

The best way to improve your English skills is to practice and practice.

The following two workshops are focused on grammar and vocabulary.

Choose if you like one-on-one workshop or just for two people.

Special offer is for available. For noncustomers: till 30 June 2015.

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Vocabulary Workshop

Learn Words That Require Specific Prepositions: Part I

Benefits: you do goal-oriented exercises and learn how to remember which preposition to use

Target group: all

Available: all year

Grammar Workshop 

How to Ask Questions about a Specific Part of a Sentence

Benefits: you learn how to ask questions correctly and give precise answers

Target group: all

Available: all year

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... and test your English now:

Which sentence is correct?

a. Ann is very interested in painting

b. Peter is not interested about art

Ask a question to the underlined word(s):

Several tourists from England were talking about new trains.
Do you need much English in the workplace? What do you struggle with most?

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